Meet our new Brand Mascot!

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Meet Andre’s hummingbird Harmony. Why a brand mascot? Our vision was to create a brand mascot that would personify our organization’s purpose, vision and mission; a symbol that represents the indefatigable spirit of our people and culture. Harmony is a symbol of who we are, what we do and who we aspire to be as an organization. This spunky, high energy aviary wonder changed its anatomy and evolved beyond its natural abilities to reach the sweetness it craved. Once accomplished, this created an effect in nature no one anticipated. We believe no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, we can accomplish great feats and affect change for others – and we define this a sweet journey.

Harmony is a symbol of qualities we admire and aspire to possess as individuals and as an organization.
Swift Response. Adaptable. Evolve. Affect Change. Endure. Be Limitless. Pursue sweetness in life.

OUR PURPOSE: We all know hummingbirds CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH OF NATURE, which is our anthem and purpose.
OUR VISION: It’s our vision to create HARMONY IN NATURE for communities, our world, and for ourselves.
OUR MISSION: We’ve made it our mission to MAKE THINGS HUM for all Andre stakeholders.

This phrase was born during the times of America’s Great Industrial Revolution. When large machinery broke down and all production came to a halt, they called in a specialist to ‘Make Things Hum’ again. At Andre we have positioned our organization with such specialized people and resources so that we can make things hum for you.  A mission to make things run smoothly and efficiently for portfolio managers, communities, projects and our family of employees is mission we find worthy to live up to.

As a part of this exciting evolution, we are updating Andre Landscape’s look and feel- including our logo, brand voice, uniforms, vehicles, website and more to reflect our new brand position. We’re excited to announce that we have received our copyright for Harmony, and can now introduce her to you. The new brand captures and conveys who we are and what direction we are headed. We’re pretty excited about being in the business of nature and we’re looking forward to creating harmony in nature for you!