We create harmony in nature for a worthy team

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We create harmony in nature for a worthy team

Land Care


ECCU is an Evangelical Christian cooperative of individuals and organizations who share resources to grow and support ministry. Their mission is to fuel Christ-centered ministry worldwide. They provide financial support to missionaries and meaningful projects across the globe impacting the lives of those less fortunate.


ECCU is a passionate team of people who often extend themselves to work on projects after hours which benefit school children, struggling families or even victims of human trafficking. Sadly, their offices were plagued with a wide variety of landscape issues including, major irrigation problems, diseased and dying plant material and an overall visually un-kept and disordered landscape environment. They hired Andre in 2014 to bring harmony in nature to their corporate campus and to create a restorative environment for their people.


Work with management and a landscape architecture firm to create a plant palette that would enliven the senses and spirit of their people, while creating water conservation and sustainability.

Create a plan to remove certain turf areas and replace with climate appropriate plants that would compliment buildings, existing plant material and revitalize their campus. Continue the long-term success of the project through conscientious landscape management.


EECU now has a campus which refreshes and energizes the spirit of their selfless people. They often host events and lunches in their beautiful grounds to celebrate their teams successes and connect with one another. We completed a large turf renovation on the site which has resulted in water conservation and a sustainable landscape. We share a common value with EECU. Leaders are stewards. We don’t own it, we just use it and we want to be found faithful stewards– and create harmony for others in the process.