We create living systems that reflect your posture in the world

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We create living systems that reflect your posture in the world

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Homeowners hired Andre to create a rustic, woodland landscape for their new craftsmen home which was situated on a ¾ acre lot.


The family wanted their outdoor environment to be an extension of their home, providing plenty of outdoor living, including a covered patio, full kitchen, fireplace, pool, spa and also room for the the kiddos and dogs to play.

We never shy away from a good challenge. One of the biggest here was a large unusable slope that encompassed most of the backyard which limited the useable space considerably.


Create a retaining wall at the mid point of the slope that could be backfilled creating two useable spaces; an enlarged upper area which would provide a nice lawn and landscape space and a nice intimate hang out place below with a fire pit—for when the kiddos become teens.

We craned in and stacked extra-large, rugged boulders, down lit them with copper lighting and sent trailing plant material and colors cascading down onto the lower terrace. We tied in this rugged look in the pool, kitchen and patio areas using both flat and stackable stone from Montana backwoods.


Well, we sure think it turned out pretty awesome. We don’t’ mind saying we’re pretty good at integrating human use into delicate ecosystems and composing an outdoor space to work for our clients and the nature around it and that reflects your expression and posture in the world.