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We create spaces for work life balance

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The Park is a high image executive park and professional office campus located in Lake Forest, California. It’s beautiful view of the Saddleback mountains, well-cared for campus and high profile location make it the perfect place for business to thrive.


The Park’s office buildings are arranged in a triangular shape sharing a common center area.

The Park’s owner wanted to renovate the outdoor space to create a modern work environment that promotes work-life integration and that would inspire business growth and innovation through a new campus setting.


Andre was hired and partnered with Caliber Construction and Ridge Landscape Architects to bring this vision to life. It was a major renovation for The Park and its business, so great care was taken to minimize impact to business during the renovation.

Addition challenges were working with the Park’s existing irrigation system to keep spray and drip valves separate for maximum water efficiency. As the project progressed sprinklers were re-routed and valves added to avoid breaking concrete, creating substantial savings to the owner.


We transformed a traditional, aging business campus into an enviable interactive, re-energizing work space that brings people together in community, encouraging a work-life balance. We installed a golf putting area, table-tennis, bocce ball court—all woven through decomposed granite pathways, regenerative landscape and outdoor seating for enjoying lunch al fresco. Bringing fresh energy and sustainability to business is a what we like to call – A walk in the Park – for us- for others.