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We create zen microclimates

Land Care


Playa Vista is a new urban community on the Westside of Los Angeles between Marina Del Rey and the Westchester Bluffs. It is an artful blend of L.A. sophistication and coastal California living. Residents here have access to exclusive amenities, an array of personalized services and enjoy the tableau of a harmonious landscape ecosystem.


This is an Irvine Company portfolio property. The Irvine Co. is unmatched in their commitment to a sustainable agenda and this community is no exception. Playa Vista was designed with a large array of podium planters, which capture water to minimize the amount of storm water requiring management, in addition to capturing airborne pollutants, improving air quality for residents.

Andre was hired in 2017 to provide the gold standard of service their portfolio demands. The biggest challenge for management was the podium planters being over-saturated, without proper drainage. In addition to the podium planters, the property has over 500 pots that need hand watering and hand pumping after a rain.


A full-time, on-site pot caregiver was hired to maintain Playa Vista’s pots on a daily basis–to ensure they are receiving just the right amount of water- rain or shine. While other crews handle the detailing of the grounds and other enhancement work.

The expansive podium planting throughout this community creates a microclimate that we monitor carefully. Drainage, pests and tree health are our top priorities. Crews are trained on the initial signs of trouble issues and managers have weekly walk-throughs and internal audits to ensure follow through on these issues should they arise.


Playa Vista’s microclimate is more harmonious now- pots and podium planters are receiving just the right amount of water. Sure our process is kind of slow, kind of intimate, but it sure works for us and our clients-inspiring Zen in sensitive microclimates is a part of our daily practice and journey.