We go from early birds to night owls

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We go from early birds to night owls



The Shoppes at Chino Hills is a large outdoor upscale shopping center. It’s unique outdoor setting and village atmosphere invite people to shop, dine and hang out in this urban social setting. From their hipster coffee shops to unique boutiques, it is a one-of-a-kind shopping & dining destination.


The Shoppes is bustling with people, even before stores open. Their promenade with it’s fun fountains, inviting landscape and abundant seating is always a popular spot for walkers and hang-er-outers.

Andre began land care services here in 2013. The nature of the job necessitated very early morning start times for most major work and more unobtrusive work done throughout the day. This schedule works well; planting entrances, hand-watering pot lined corridors, until their routine tree care needs to be performed.


We create a special tree trimming schedule for The Shoppes that involves the regular trimming of their trees to reduce liability, provide a safe place for their guests and provide visibility for signage clearance for businesses. This trimming begins once the center closes at night and continues throughout the night until the onset of dawn where it is cleared of all debris and made safe for shoppers once again.

We have created a map and GPS inventory of all the trees within the Shoppe’s urban forest and make accommodations for any special circumstances. Andre arbor teams and arborist work under portable lights to perform the ethical and aesthetically pleasing appearance of their stunning sentinels that line their streets and promenade.


Guests of The Shoppes can peruse boutiques enjoying the tableau of a well-kept center with no inconvenience what-so-ever. Businesses are not interrupted, nor are their sales affected by crews working and obstructing shoppers. We transform from early birds to night owls for our clients.