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We make great lawns great again

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Inspired by the great urban parks and a vibrant professional lifestyle, The Park Apartment Homes is contemporary, soft-loft living in the heart of the Irvine Spectrum.  At the center of this community is The Great Lawn, a 2.4-acre recreational space where residents enjoy concerts, farmer’s markets, volleyball games, and more.


The lawn has always been a huge challenge for management because of the high usage by residents as an entertainment venue. The high traffic compacts the soil and limits the grasses ability to uptake the essential nutrients it needs to thrive.

The turf belt is often plagued with issues including, thinning areas, bare areas and lacking a consistent thick, healthy, lawn.


Aerate The Great Lawn a minimum of two times a year with a core punch aerator to create holes, allowing more oxygen, water and nutrients to move through the soil and grass root system. Improve the irrigation coverage of the lawn and feed at the right frequency and timing, utilizing best products for this variety.

Employ a more turf responsive approach to mowing the lawn utilizing a reel mower for a closer cut, to produce a quicker recovery of new shoots and leaf growth.  Alternate mowing patterns so as to not contribute to compaction.


Spring Aeration of the turf is now complete and soil compaction is being minimized at every turn. The lawn is on a feeding schedule that will compliment the Bermuda hybrid grass per season and challenge. We will continue to keep our promise to The Park to Make The Great Lawn Great Again.