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Shady Grove is a charming senior community located in Fallbrook, CA. The site is approximately 20 acres of slopes, park and native canyons.


We began our partnership with the homeowners of Shady Grove in 2012 and soon learned this community had a looming mystery to be solved.

Their plants and ground covers were dying but their water costs were way over budget. Something shady was happening at Shady Grove and the Andre team began to investigate.


We began to dig deeper to understand why this was happening. Our first step was to conduct a thorough irrigation system check, which in this case, revealed no cause for the plant decline. Our second step was to conduct soil testing and analysis. Andre called in a specialty lab to collect soil samples and perform the laboratory testing.

We had to go no further than the second step. When the results came in they identified extremely high PH levels and salts in the soil, pinpointing the reason for their widespread plant decline and death. Once armed with accurate information our decided course of action was to treat the soil with three different products to correct the PH level.


Within a month the Ph levels in the soil at Shady Grove were already vastly improved and again conducive to proper plant health and growth. In addition, we were able to conserve water because of the improved soil conditions, reducing the HOA’s water usage by 30%. We are happy to report that over half of the community’s plants and groundcovers were saved because of this corrective action taken by Andre green professionals. After all, “what’s the point of being clever if you can’t prove it” – Sherlock Holmes