We turn outdoor spaces into A-list sets for Hollywood

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We turn outdoor spaces into A-list sets for Hollywood

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We’re privileged to work with top designers on NBC’s television show, American Dream Builders, hosted by renowned designer Nate Berkus.


The television show showcases the talents of the most accomplished designers and home builders in the country.  They pit 12 of America’s best designers against one another in a high-stakes competition designed to push everyone’s creative reach.

With each weekly episode, two teams are tasked to re-design and renovate homes from the inside-out in a matter of a few days, with the losing team sending one-member home. The final designer standing is crowned America’s top designer. Andre was hired to work with designers of both teams to bring their landscape vision to life week after week.


The challenges of this type of project were very unique.  Designers only provided a pencil sketch of how they envisioned the outdoor environment. It was difficult to estimate man power for these very fluid projects. A designer might send us on a course of action and team members might persuade them otherwise asking us to readjust and move in a different direction. Our production timeline was so tight that our teams often had to work through the night and rotate to compete the project by the final weekly “Hammers Down”.

Our plan was to be very nimble and flexible, with plenty of man power on hand. We brought in our arbor care discipline to shape and trim trees while Andre Design Build focused on the demo work, field-designed irrigation systems, and plants as well as building fire pits, pathways, and patios weekly for the dueling renovations.


American Home Builders season one was a complete success! Our teams renovated 2 homes every week, on time and within budget. This project resulted in great ratings for NBC, 20 renovated homes and landscapes for families, including 4 renovated mobile homes which were donated to Habitat for Humanity for deserving families.