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We steward high-quality portfolios

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The Irvine Company is a privately-held real estate investment company and master planner with operations throughout coastal California. They are best known for their unrivaled commitment to a high-quality portfolio- the breath and width of which is unmatched in the industry. Each individual property is positioned at the top of its class. The Irvine Company is deeply respected for their commitment to stewardship, sustainable practices and preservation of historic land.


The Irvine Company hired Andre to steward a number of their high-end apartment homes because of our Make Things Hum mission and service mentality, which is our pledge to provide the finest personal and quality landscape service, with flexibility, adaptability and rapid response.

These owner-investors continually infuse new plant life into their communities, creating some of the most-coveted living environments. They need a landscape firm who has the trained man-power, resources and expertise to handle their sometimes large enhancements and frequent landscape revitalizations on budget and by deadline.


Fortunately, at Andre, we have specialized teams for specialized tasks. Our plan was to call in these teams; whether enhancement crews, construction experts or certified arborists, to tackle the extra stuff, because, they’re those experts.

That way our maintenance team’s carefully scheduled job stream isn’t affected by enhancements or extra work awarded. Separate disciplines handle the other work, and in this way all our jobs receive 100% professional attention.


Experts dedicated purely to maintenance result in carefully, manicured, detailed properties. An Irvine company standard of care and accountability, resulting in harmony in nature for residents who are comforted by the order of such tableau, vibrant green grass, healthy plants, well-oiled machinery humming.