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This Premier Business Center with it’s executive suites is located in a prime, high end business district right next door to the University of California Irvine. Not only are there gorgeous city skyline views and views of Newport’s back bay, but there is also an on-site coy-pond, bridge walkway and beautiful surrounding nature which is seen from the offices and upper meeting rooms.


Andre was hired by management to replace a large, impersonal landscape conglomerate to provide a more intimate, tailored style of service.

The previous provider had renovated portions of the landscape, but this drought tolerant planting had a number of issues- it was placed too close together, the finish grade was too high for the planter, the drip irrigation was not evenly distributed, and overall, the appearance was not visually pleasing. In addition, the carpet roses on the site were hedge-trimmed for expediency, rather than hand-pruned for best care, resulting in year-round non-flowering.


We worked with management to relocate the newer drought tolerant plants to another area, giving them the much needed space that aligned with their natural growth pattern. We hard pruned specific shrubs to allow for proper growth and flowering and repaired the existing drip irrigation system without having to start all over. We finished the project by removing 3 inches of soil and re-graded to proper height.


The existing plants were relocated to an appropriately spaced planter and they are thriving. We corrected the grade of the planter, repaired the irrigation and added minimalist climate appropriate planting that accentuates the impressive office entrance. Hard pruning was done on the carper roses which are now blooming again, while allowing for signage visibility. We’re personal with people— and with our plants. And what’s so wrong with being personal anyway? Whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being personal.