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We’re well-aware of water conservation



Green River is a large private-gated HOA community nestled in the hills of Corona, California. The community hired Andre in 2009 because they wanted a holistic landscape firm that could service both their routine land care as well as ethically steward their water management and urban forest.


Green River is a unique property; it’s adjacent to the Santa Ana River with the entire rear of the property backing up to State and County Park land. They have a well on their site which connects to their main line that runs nearly the circumference of the property. The well irrigated only a very small portion of the property, with the rest of the property irrigated through city water.

When Green River hired Andre in 2010, we discovered a potentially huge liability in the community. There were no master valves connected to their main line, and because of the more remote terrain location and lack of visibility, if there was a leak or break with no master valve in place, there was potential for a massive slope failure across the rear breadth of the community, causing substantial damage and financial impact to the community. This needed to be addressed right away.


Our plan was to install a master valve off the well, which would act as a fail safe in the event of a leak. We also proposed a plan to connect the city water main line to the main line that runs to the well and through ¾ of the property.

We wanted to irrigate a majority of the property from Green River’s own well, which would involve tying the existing irrigation into the well’s main line, once there was master value in place to regulate the irrigation. We also created 3-year arbor care plans for Green River and have mapped, tagged, inventoried their trees with our GPS software to track the care of their urban forest.


The Green River community has been able to maintain their tree health year after year and stay within budget thanks to our contentious arborists, trimming rotation schedule and arbor care software that allows the board to track the historical care of each individual tree. We created a fail safe for their large rear slope area, mitigating a large liability. Nearly 3/4 of Green River’s irrigated water is now serviced from their well resulting in at least a 30% city water reduction and subsequent costs. Being well-aware is an integrative approach to land care that we think has a lot of value –and it’s kind of cool being green.