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In going out, I found I was really going in

- John Muir

Our Anthropology & Ethos

Even when we are not working, there’s a good chance you’ll find us in nature. And that’s because we’re nature folks at heart, and like our beloved trees, we are fast-rooted to the soil.

And yeah, we might catch the game on Sunday, but probably after a morning hike, or a ride through the wilderness park or even after a surf session where the break is “just right”. Whatever our next adventure—you can guess it probably involves some kind of nature. It’s not just our career, it’s our way of life.

The best recreation is to do good

Maybe that’s why we feel so great after involvement in community projects like Habitat for Humanity and The David and Margaret Youth and Family Services. These are just some of our favorites that make it easy to give back to others. We’re proud of our work in this rewarding arena, and we’re proud of our family of employees who pitch in, selflessly.

When our annual Employee Appreciation Day rolls around, we do our best to say thanks for all they do. All year we celebrate their successes, reward their achievements and further their education in their chosen fields. Doing what we love and getting a big kick out of it- that’s living.

A growing company means employment for lots of people — and that’s a worthwhile contribution. Creating pathways of professional growth and potential for our green industry family of employees is something we think about daily – In weekly meetings Andre leaders ask each other - How can we do it better? And we go at it again- challenging ourselves, because our people and their future matter to us.

Our Ethos: Do what’s RIGHT

  • Respect:

    Respect nature, it’s laws, our fellow man and their interests.
  • Inspire:

    Do inspiring work, be inspired and inspire others.
  • Grow:

    Grow nature, ourselves and our organization to it’s fullest potential and fruitfulness.
  • Heal:

    Heal relationships with men and land that are broken. Remediate, restore and revive.
  • Think Safe:

    In every situation think about safety for ourselves, our people, our clients, our communities and our planet.