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All things are bound together, all things connect

-Chief Seattle

We pay attention to these great environmentalists

We don’t mind saying that we’re pretty good at integrating human use into a delicate ecosystem and composing the entire outdoor space to work for our clients and the nature around it. Andre Design Build is collaborative and orchestrated. We bring together masons, wood craftsmen, trusted subcontractors. The result must please our clients and add dimension to their lives – and must connect naturally to its larger surroundings.

Project Consulting

Bring us in early. That way we can help everything work as an organic whole. Your architects will appreciate it and you’ll take pride in the finished look. Evaluating plan specs, discussing alternatives and value engineering are just some things we do before breaking ground.


We don’t just do construction to a cold spec-and-number set of rules. Each client is different. We observe budget carefully and plans. But we bring a personal feel to it. We incorporate the corporate culture of a company into a commercial job and the personality of the owner in a residential job.

Hardscape / Carpentry

Our master carpenters hand craft arbors for gardens & masons build stone fireplaces from Montana back woods rock. Whatever the project calls for, Andre will bring in trusted specialists. This is our trademark approach. Separate disciplines fit together to become a beautiful total.

Water Features & Lighting

Light and water. Yes, and amen. We believe these first born elements of earth add dimension and delight to landscapes. We’d love to help integrate these features into your project.

Post Installment Maintenance

When the trenchers and backhoes are gone, the Andre effect is what the world sees and we want that to be a sensory joy. So after the final punch list, our land care and arbor care disciplines are ready to step in with a maintenance plan to ensure further success.

Sustainable Solutions

Lower ecological impact is what we’re after. When we design landscapes, we have an opportunity to use much less water than prior generations. Through mindful, intelligent design, proper plant selection and careful consideration of how to irrigate most effectively, we can affect change. It takes more than a whole lot of curly light bulbs to achieve green-ness.

We go about our design build responsibilities in a way we think would get a nod of approval from the master.  Our creative design team will oversee your project from concept to completion.  Efficiency, with accountability and consistency of overall vision.  This ensures seamless communication and smoother collaberation of all parties- shorter construction time and more value for your dollar are all part of our discipline, as are control, synergy, better design-to-budget, and change order reduction. 

Design Build Services:

Landscape construction creates a living system that reflects your expression and posture in the world. It’s another reason we are ranked amongst the top 100 landscape contractors in the nation – We’re aiming at number one.

  • Sustainable Solutions
  • Site Analysis & Evaluation
  • Project Consulting
  • Budget / Planning / Cost Reviews
  • Architectual Design
  • Construction Documents
  • Personal Project Manager
  • Irrigation Design
  • Landscape Design
  • Hardscape Design
  • Water Feature Design
  • Post Installment Maintenance
  • Zero Waste / Recycling & Mulch Facility