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The Life & Growth of Andre Landscape

The dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately

We’re a first generation, family-owned business and we have the scars to prove it. Our journey to be all that we can be is often not an easy one. We’ve had plenty of bumps in the road, but we view our failures as a key ingredient to a worthwhile path and this view allows us to emerge a stronger, better organization year after year.

As a young boy Jeremy was a daybreaker and would rise before the sun to make his rounds hustling the neighbors to perform their weekly gardening. This ambitious guy was the neighborhood car washer, gardener and newspaper boy. He is a man you’ll rarely find bragging, but if you get a chance to ask him, he’ll happily boast about earning his gold bags as a delivery boy. In his early twenties Jeremy was a respected man of faith and youth pastor. He was and still is best known for his love of people. Jeremy married his wife Michelle and they decided to start a family, so once again he set out to establish a small gardening business as a means to support his growing family. Little did he know he would soon be shepherding another kind of flock.

The first official day of operations at Andre were spent with Jeremy knocking on hundreds of homeowners’ doors, yellow notepad and flyers in hand, to create Andre Landscape’s very first gardening route. The notes and names of those first twelve clients he received that day all prove that the American Dream is alive and well for all who desire to pursue her.

The business has grown considerably over the years. We have branched out from residential maintenance into other market sectors, including homeowner associations, commercial, industrial and retail sites. Since inception, we’ve continued to increase our discipline range and have added Arbor Care and Design Build disciplines to our service offerings to become the holistic land care firm we are today.

Today we shepherd a flock of nearly 400 employees and we’re making it our mission to make things hum for our stakeholders. Our growth and success is a testament to all of the daybreakers at Andre who choose to selflessly serve our clients and one another each day.

Almost 25 years later, increasing the pathways and potential of our people and affecting change through the medium of nature, are the things we feel most passionate about. Today it’s our vision to create harmony in nature- for our clients, for our organization, for people, for communities- for us all. It’s a purpose we take great pride in. Our journey as a business has always been more than just a bottom line. We like to say we’re in the business of human nature, because humans and nature matter to us.