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Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land

- Aldo Leopold

Do one job and do it well

Good advice that we took to heart. Our maintenance experts do only maintenance. It's a separate discipline that is never fragmented; and that way they just get better and better at it. We will not dilute your maintenance crew by pulling them from their priority work to do enhancement work and the like.  We will bring in separate disciplines to accomplish those tasks leaving your crew to perfect your nature.  Much to your approval and satisfaction.

Water Management

The sustainability of water and the intelligent use of it is at the forefront of our concerns. Our water managers implement and optimize conservation. We conduct audits, provide reports and perform regular on-site checks to maximize efficiency. We keep our eye on new technology and its potential impact on your bottom line.

Turf Management

Each ecosystem needs to be strengthened differently depending on the variety of grasses, soil types and conditions in your environment. Let the Andre professionals design a fitness program for your lawn.

Enhancements & Renovations

In need of a seasonal color change or landscape revitalization? We are up for the task. Our experienced teams, crews and architects create noteworthy, regenerative designs resulting in water efficiency, sustainability and general splendor. Making things beautiful is something we were born to do.

Arbor Care Programs

Each Andre client receives a carefully prepared arbor care plan for their urban forest. Designed by our arborists in collaboration with owners, property managers and association boards, we tailor multi-year programs to fit client goals and budgetary requirements.

Striving for Zero Waste

Nearly 100% of your land care waste goes to our recycling facility to become mulch. It’s a cool thing we’re a part of — diverting loads of green waste daily from landfills to create beneficial mulch for our local ecosystems. Together we’re reducing our footprint through recycling, composting and mulching.

Emergency Services
24/7.  365 days a year.

Andre emergency services are always available. Weekends, after hours and holidays. If you have an emergency, just call us and we’ll take care of it. It’s that simple.
For after hour emergencies please call us at: 
Phone. 877. ANDRE05

Sure we'd love to do your enhancement work and manage your water efficiency but those tasks will be managed by other Andre people in their individual disicplines and in that way you get the most service for your money. 

Land Care Services:

Experts purely dedicated to maintenance result in carefully manicured, detailed properties.  We're holistic.  That means total.  Arborists do trees and canopy. Planting crews design and plant enhancing seasonal installments.  Water management enters the job flow as irrigation techs initiate and maintain systems that assure optimum water efficiency.

Separate disciplines fit together to become a beautiful total.

  • Water Management
  • Turf Management
  • Fertilization Program
  • Pest and Weed Control
  • Arbor Care Programs
  • Nearly Zero Waste / Recycling & Green Waste Mulch Facility
  • Color Enhancement
  • Landscape Renovation
  • Work Order Tracking
  • Budget and Cost Reviews
  • 24 hour Emergency Services
  • Sustainability Evaluations