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Harmony in Nature

Passerby may give little notice to the uniformed workers performing maintenance services to a resort area or corporate grounds, other than to feel comforted on some level by the order of such a tableau: vibrant green grass, healthy plants, well-irrigated arbor-shaded garden areas, well-oiled machinery humming. 

Andre’s multidisciplinary services are appreciated by a wide range of clients including homeowner’s associations, master associations, internationally known resorts, community public space managers, retail venues, corporate campuses, general contractors and landscape architecture firms.

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My experience working with Andre Landscape has been wonderful. I have had positive experiences working with the crew, and communication is never an issue. What I enjoy the most is the ease of partnership there is working with Andre Landscape's team.

/ 10

Susan Larson | General Manager, Keystone Pacific Property Management

I have worked with these guys for a long time, they do the tree work for one of the accounts I manage in Redlands, CA. If you ever need quality work please ask for Angel Cabral, he is the man when it comes to quality. I would recommend them to anyone looking for an outstanding landscape company.

/ 10

Clint Taylor | Senior Community Manager, Keystone Property Management

Since we have used Andre Landscape to do our tree work, our trees' health and appearance have greatly improved! Their Arborists and tree workers are some of the best if not the best in the Inland Empire! We have also used Andre to do a few landscape installations and the work was outstanding. All around the staff and the company is outstanding!!

/ 10

Justin Peloquin | Director of Grounds, University of Redlands

As a Property Manager in Southern California, you can only imagine the negative feedback I receive regarding landscape due to the major drought that took place over the last several years. One thing I never get complaints about is Andre Landscape. Their company is intelligent and educated. Their supervisors are polite, respectful, and get the job done right. I couldn't do what I do without Andre and I want to thank you for always going above and beyond and making sure that not only are my Board's and Homeowners are happy, but that I am happy! You guys are great and will always have my endorsement!

/ 10

Brittany Kitts | Community Manager, Total Property Management

Andre Landscape Service has instilled the value of working together as a team. It is demonstrated by your crew’s attitude toward myself as a property manager, and to residents who approach us when onsite. It is reassuring to have the team’s support and I sincerely hope Andre Landscape will grow with us.

/ 10

Julie | Senior Community Manager, Platinum Group Management

We trust Andre Landscape to provide our company and our clients with exceptional service, knowledge, and care. It is impressive to see their team in action on a project; skilled, safe, and very hard working. They are the most reliable and professional landscaping company we have ever worked with, and they provide this standard of excellence every time, without fail.

/ 10

David Collard | Senior Project Manager, Bohler Builders Group

The guys at Andre are the most professional I've come across in the LA area to date. Their work is top notch and the plant material they use is always high quality. If you want an honest firm, polite workers, and quality workmanship, look no further. These are your guys!

/ 10

William Lenkin | Founder & CEO, Bidscape

I have finally found the right people to oversee my projects. Your team goes above and beyond to make sure my projects are taken care of and if asked to do something you take care of it immediately.  

/ 10

Kelli Jones | Community Manager, Associa Equity Management

The team has completely transformed our community landscaping far beyond what I thought possible. It has never looked so good and that is no exaggeration. Not only is everything blooming and beautiful, but healthy looking as well. Things other companies told us couldn't be done, Andre immediately took care of, even going above and beyond. Andre Landscape has proven to us that they honestly care about our community and we look forward to a very long professional relationship with Andre Landscape.

/ 10

Karen Mills | President, Sycamore Creek Corporation

I would like to thank you and your team for making a true difference. Your professionalism, dedication and teams pride of workmanship has enabled us to achieve our goals. Each year brings another set of challenges which we look forward to accomplishing with the support of you and your team.

/ 10

Fred Myers | President, The Retreat

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