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With each stroke we are writing our signature on the face of the land

– Aldo Leopold

The ones that make things hum

Heart and Soul. Are these elements of landscape work? At Andre, sure and we think it shows in our finished product when you say “those green leaf guys are good!”

We’re fortunate to have the finest arborists, water managers, landscape professionals and construction experts in all of California. Andre people are the reason we’re ranked among the top landscape companies in the nation. We’re aiming at number one. These are the experts that are creating the hum.

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Jeremy Andre

Founder & CEO

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Jeremy Andre

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Michelle Andre

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Joe Andre

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Rosanna Robinson

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Fernando Becerra

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Ernesto Castro

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Rosanna Robinson

Human Resource Manager

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Rosanna Robinson

Lorena Vargas

Samantha Romo

Nadiah Toledo

Arion Thai

Lindsay Becerra

Sofia Figueroa

Yvonne Hernandez

Mayra Ramirez

Amanda Carranco

Lindsey Sanders