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Of Men & Land

- Our Manifesto

Our Purpose

We can never have enough of nature

This is more than a declaration, it’s the heart and soul of Andre. We’re passionate about land care that creates sensory joy, affects change for our clients and our environment and enlarges pathways and potential for our people – It’s why we do what we do.

Our Vision

Harmony in Nature

Our vision is to affect men and land toward a greater state of congruency, wholeness, and possibility. We aspire to do this by being in agreement with the laws of nature and its care, fostering conservation of our natural resources, and creating well-being and comfort in the communities we serve. Creating a greater connection and harmony between men and land is a big vision, but if your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough, right?

Harmony in nature is to be continually aware of who we are presently and what we aspire to be ideally in the future. We believe this awareness will help align us and aid us in actualizing our greatest potential as individuals and as an organization.

we call this

Our Mission

Make Things Hum

At Andre our mission is simple. Make Things Hum. Three small, powerful words that define how we work. It’s our pledge to make things run smoothly and efficiently for you. A service mentality that calls for the extraordinary care of our stakeholders. Personal, attentive service tailored to your nature and your budget. It’s a mission we find worthy enough to live up to.

Our Approach

We Are Holistic

That means total. Arborists do trees and canopy. Planting crews design and plant enhancing seasonal installments. Water management enters the job flow as irrigation techs initiate and maintain systems that assure optimum water efficiency. Separate disciplines fit together to become a beautiful total.

The soul of an old Oak down in a storm, loads of green grass cut daily- most treat as waste- but at Andre we give it another useful life. Hasn’t it earned it? Nearly 100% of our daily waste goes to our recycling plant to become mulch. Now greenness might be in vogue right now, but we made a choice a long time ago– No Landfill dumping—it’s a commitment we’re quite proud of.

We believe it’s our responsibility to do something useful with our discards. This process is slow and kind of intimate, but it sure works for us, our clients, and our planet and we love being a part of it.

Our Ethos:

  • Respect:

    Respect nature, its laws, our fellow man and their interests.
  • Inspire:

    Do inspiring work, be inspired and inspire others.
  • Grow:

    Grow nature, ourselves and our organization to it’s fullest potential and fruitfulness.
  • Heal:

    Heal relationships with men and land that are broken. Remediate, restore and revive.
  • Think Safe:

    In every situation think about safety for ourselves, our people, our clients, our communities and our planet.


The Andre crew is extremely professional from start to clean-up. The crew is pleasant to work with and complete their job in a timely manner. We are more than satisfied with the Andre Landscape team and the service provided.

/ 10

Ronald Black Homeowner Highland Park, Los Angeles

You have such a great crew being led by Ryan. I was taking my 85-yr old mom to the doctor, went I saw that access to my vehicle and McArthur Blvd was blocked by tree limbs from the tree trimming operations. I explained my situation Ryan and his first reaction was “Let me help!” He rallied the crew together and got everything out of the way in less than 5 minutes!  Ryan and his crew should be recognized for their excellent customer service.

/ 10

Mark Valdez Homeowner McArthur Village, Santa Ana

I have finally found the right people to oversee my projects. Your team goes above and beyond to make sure my projects are taken care of and if asked to do something you take care of it immediately. Additionally, Lori is always so pleasant to work with. She is so helpful, diligent and you can feel the smile over the phone. Andre should be proud to have these workers representing their company.

/ 10

Kelli Jones Property Manager Associa Equity Management

The team has completely transformed our community landscaping far beyond what I thought possible. It has never looked so good and that is no exaggeration. Not only is everything blooming and beautiful, but healthy looking as well. Things other companies told us couldn't be done, Andre immediately took care of, even going above and beyond. Andre Landscape has proven to us that they honestly care about our community and we look forward to a very long professional relationship with Andre Landscape.

/ 10

Karen Mills President Sycamore Creek Corporation

I would like to thank you and your team for making a true difference. Your professionalism, dedication and teams pride of workmanship has enabled us to achieve our 2017 goals. Year 2018 brings another set of challenges which we look forward to accomplishing with the support of you and your team.

/ 10

Fred Myers President The Retreat

Many homeowners have commented that the staff at Andre Landscape has become friends and partners in creating and maintaining beautiful grounds and have gone above and beyond working with homeowners concerns to ensure the satisfaction of the services they provide. Andre Landscape makes their craft seem routine and seamless when it actually takes a great deal of time, effort and dedication to skillfully care for so many different species  of plants, trees and turf.

/ 10

Jewel President Sierra Palms

Andre Landscape understands our community's needs and offers value and quality service. Andre's team loves what they do and it shows in their work.

/ 10

Fatima Lahouty General Manager Watermark Community

Thank you so much for everything that you have done for us this year. The association looks totally transformed because of your team's hard work.

/ 10

Bobbie Happ Community Manager S & L Management

The team at Andre Landscape is very professional, friendly, and most of all trustworthy. You are not just a client, but a partner. I highly recommend Andre Landscape to anyone who needs a company that can do it all.

/ 10

Keith Board of Directors GRHOA

Your tree team has done an outstanding job cleaning up a tree that has really been affecting one of our community homeowners. The foreman and crew really went the extra mile, being so cooperative, and leaving the jobsite cleaned so well.  A big thank you from the board of directors- We are very pleased with the quality of your work and conscientious team!

/ 10

Patty Voss Board of Directors Miguel Village

our service range

Our Journey should be sweet

Our journey to extract sweetness out of life will be experienced to the fullest as we consciously choose to grow ourselves beyond what is comfortable and challenge the limits placed upon us, either by self or others.

We possess the innate ability to evolve far beyond our natural abilities and to actualize our fuller God-given potential, and like our brand mascot the hummingbird, affect change that reaches beyond ourselves, creating a climate of growth & sweetness for others – because our journey should be sweet.