We Are Holistic

That means total. Arborists do trees and canopy. Planting teams design and plant sustainable palettes in harmony with the greater surroundings. Water management enters the job flow as irrigation techs initiate and maintain systems that assure optimum water efficiency.Separate disciplines fit together to become a beautiful total.

Design & Build

We Pay Attention to

Great Environmentalists

Installations should be of the surroundings. We agree and don’t mind saying we’re pretty good at integrating human use into a delicate ecosystem and composing the entire outdoor space to work for our clients and the nature around it.

All Things are Bound Together, All Things Connect

— Chief Seattle

A Sustainable Landscape

Lower ecological impact is what we’re after. Regenerative landscapes are high performers, they work in harmony with the natural environment to create habitat, reduce maintenance, save energy, conserve water, and reduce waste. A watershed approach to landscape contributes to our community’s ecological health.

Project Consulting

Bring us in early. That way we can help everything work as an organic whole. Your architects will appreciate it and you’ll take pride in the finished work and budget. Evaluating plans and value engineering are just some of the things we do to help ensure the success of your project before breaking ground.

Trusted Specialists

Andre Design Build is collaborative and orchestrated. We bring in trusted specialists – masons, wood craftsmen, whatever it takes. The result must please our clients and add dimension to their lives – and it must connect naturally to its larger surroundings.

Post Installment Maintenance

After the final punch list, our land care and arbor care disciplines can step in with a holistic plan to ensure your project’s further success. Our sustainable management practices conserve water, nourish soil, protect trees and reduce waste, providing healthy habitats for people, plants, pets and pollinators.

Project Management

We’ll oversee your project from concept to completion. Efficiency, with accountability and consistency of overall vision. This ensures seamless communication and smoother collaborative effort from all parties-shorter construction time and more value for your dollar are all part of our discipline, as are better design-to-budget and change order reduction.

Design & Build Services:

  • Site Analysis & Evaluation
  • Project Consulting
  • Architectural Design
  • Construction Documents
  • Personal Project Manager
  • Sustainable Landscape Design
  • Smart Water Irrigation Design
  • Hardscape / Water Feature Design
  • Budget /Planning /Cost Reviews
  • Post Installment Maintenance
  • Zero Waste/ Recycling & Mulch Facility