We Are Holistic

That means total. Arborists do trees and canopy. Planting teams design and plant sustainable palettes in harmony with the greater surroundings. Water management enters the job flow as irrigation techs initiate and maintain systems that assure optimum water efficiency.Separate disciplines fit together to become a beautiful total.

Land Care

Experts Dedicated Purely to


Result in carefully manicured, detailed properties. Our maintenance teams don’t do anything other than maintenance. That makes for great maintenance work.  We don’t dilute our maintenance crews by pulling them from their priority work to do enhancement work and the like. Other crews handle other work, and in this way all jobs receive 100% professional attention.

Individualized Ecosystem Planning

Water Management

We champion a Water First approach to site management. Andre water managers implement and optimize conservation, conduct audits, and perform regular on-site checks to maximize efficiency - all the things that affect your bottom line. And that extends to the final budget review when you say, “those green leaf guys are good.”

Arbor Care Programs

Each Andre client receives a carefully prepared arbor care plan. Designed by arborists in collaboration with owners, public space managers and association boards, we tailor multi-year programs to fit client goals and budgetary requirements.

Plant Health Care

Growing things aren’t immune to daily stress, so we strengthen their immune systems through fitness programs and environmental resource support designed by Andre horticulturalists. And each health care plan is carefully prepared and performed for individual ecosystems.

Enhancing Landscapes

Regenerative landscapes are high performers, they work in harmony with the natural environment to create habitat, reduce maintenance, save energy, conserve water and reduce waste. The result will delight clients, add dimension to their lives, offset top operating costs and connect naturally to its larger surroundings.

Electric Equipment

Our latest fleet of commercial mowers are ½ the noise of gas- powered mowers and zero emissions. Just one mower is like taking 140 cars off the road per year. No harmful fumes in the community and no obnoxious noise to interrupt your beauty rest, just green machinery humming.

Aiming for Zero Waste

We recycle nearly 100% of our waste & create beneficial mulch. It’s a cool thing we’re a part of, diverting tons from landfills and benefiting our local ecosystems. Together we’re reducing our footprint through recycling, composting, and mulching.

The Andre Site Management Advantage

The Most Advanced Smart Water and Site Management Technology

We’ve invested in tools and technology to help you manage your largest asset, including the most advanced smart weather-based controllers & software, which requires no capital outlay and is included in our standard service with no additional cost or subscription fee.

A Sustainable Landscape Management Plan

Proactive planning protects property value and property. A sustainable landscape reduces costs and creates future savings for other important projects. So, together we’ll design a multi-year/long term sustainability plan tailored to your goals and budget, a plan to enhance your community, create long-term conservation and connect naturally to its larger surroundings.

Land Care Services

  • Sustainability Assessment/Planning
  • Landscape Design/Renovation
  • Strategic Planning/Budgeting
  • Smart Weather-Based Controllers
  • Cloud-Based SmartLink Software
  • Customized Agronomic Plan
  • Turf Management
  • Native/Riparian Management
  • Zero Waste/ Recycling & Mulch Facility
  • Electric Mowers and Equipment