We Are Holistic

That means total. Arborists do trees and canopy. Planting teams design and plant sustainable palettes in harmony with the greater surroundings. Water management enters the job flow as irrigation techs initiate and maintain systems that assure optimum water efficiency.Separate disciplines fit together to become a beautiful total.

Arbor Health Care

We Know

the Language of Trees

And find them fascinating conversationalists. And their language is ecologically important. That’s why we don’t just remove trees at the first sign of stress. And the tree is in no hurry either. It’s been a Shamel Ash, American Elm or Black Walnut for half a century. It can wait. But somebody out there is eyeing its removal. So maybe you shouldn’t wait to ask how we can give it another fifty years.

Like humans, trees can recover from injury and our world is beginning to come around to this fact – that protecting and preserving our urban canopy is our responsibility. And healing trees rather than chopping them down, is without a doubt, a more cost effective, environmentally responsible practice. And if this is a sentiment worthy of your attention, read on to understand how we do it.

Here’s to a Long and Happy Life

Trunk Injection

Trunk injection is the most effective alternative to spraying or soil applied pesticides for tree insect or pest control. It’s like an IV for trees. Injections are sealed into the tree and taken up by the tree’s vascular system, assuring the dose is rapidly carried to the target area. Injections can be done in inclement weather and in active areas where other applications cannot be used.

Sustainable Approach

Injection technology provides solutions that are fast and effective and eliminate the need to put harmful pesticides on the air and soil, limiting exposure to homeowners, pets, the environment and applicators. Arbor plugs placed in the tree seal in the formulation, limiting environmental exposure and enable treatment near parks, rivers, homes and pools.


Formulations are changing the trajectory of arboriculture and are now a very effective weapon in the hands of arborists, even in the fight against formidable pests like the shot hole borer. Serums include a pairing process which matches the active ingredient and application method with the physiology of the tree or plant.
Most prescriptive and prophylactic treatments provide a two-year control of pests.

Insect and Disease Management

We apply an integrated approach to managing insects and diseases that begins with maintaining plant health using sound cultural practices including correct pruning habits, ensuring irrigation is fitted to canopy health and creating optimal soil conditions for tree and plant growth. In urban and suburban environments, trees often become stressed due to poor soils, insufficient moisture, lack of nutrient availability and harsh growing conditions, creating ideal hosts for pests.

Fertilization and Soil Care

Tree health requires sufficient water and light and a proper balance of nutrients. Too much or too little will cause trees and plants stress. Healthy trees and plants begin with healthy soils. Adjusting soil PH and ensuring adequate organic matter is present are also key to achieving healthy soils for trees. Prescriptive fertilization and soil enhancement can remedy deficiencies and underlying conditions, restoring a healthy balance of nutrients for the tree to recover.

Tree Inspections

We must have done something right in the last life to be able to do this all day”, say Andre arborists. Their field experience is enhanced by constant education and localized training regarding the latest pests and diseases affecting So Cal trees. Arborists are like detectives, looking for the right clues in the soil, water conditions and canopy which allow them to pinpoint a root cause and prescribe the right type of treatment.

A Tree’s GPS Health History

GPS technology allows us to inventory and track the care given to trees throughout their life spans.  A tree’s health status and entire history of care is recorded, including any treatments administered. This care given is stored in the cloud and visible to clients and boards at any time.

Our Integrated Teams of Experts

Benefit Clients and the Environment

Our green leaf guys know tree biology, how to diagnose, when to treat, and effective “prevent defense” for long life. From canopy theory and water management to sapling protection, arbor care is something we were born to do.

Arbor Health Care Services:

  • Arborist Consulting/Diagnosis
  • GPS Tree Inventory Mapping
  • Health Status by Species
  • Pest/Disease Prevention
  • Pest/Disease Treatment
  • Nutrition Deficiency Correction
  • Injections
  • Root Tapping
  • Preservation
  • Soil Analysis services
  • Cabling & Bracing
  • Tree Risk Assessment