In complete accord with the laws of nature

Watermarke is a first-class residential community offering the finer things in life. This collection of luxurious condominiums is more like a private resort that you get to call home. Its stunning landscaped grounds and featured amenities allow its residents to live a life without compromise.


Watermarke hired Andre in 2015. The prior landscape provider had made a practice of over-pruning the shrubbery and vines in this heavily-wooded community. This malpractice of constant over-pruning was not only visually unattractive, but it was unhealthy for the plants, impeding their proper growth and flowering. Watermarke’s plants would dieback in the winter and did not bloom in the Spring. Many trees at Watermarke were also struggling. The community, nearly 10 years old at the time, still had the original tree stakes on their trees and they were suffering damage. In addition to this, a portion of their trees were planted too low, with trunk tapers buried underneath soil. Since many of our maintenance teams are also certified arborists, they recognized this problem in the trees by their leaf discoloration and stunted growth.

Strategic Plan

Andre immediately removed all the original tree stakes and the soil smothering the base of trees to ensure correct exposure of the trunk taper for best health of the tree. We also allowed the shrubs and plants to produce new growth and flower by natural pruning per species.


Watermarke’s urban forest is healthy again and on a 3-year arbor care plan to trim trees per species for best growth patterns and tree form.  Star Jasmine and other plants are thriving because of correct pruning practices, with no winter dieback. Springtime brings a beautiful display of blooming flowers to this Watermarke with its fragrant effects. We think horticultural excellence is to be in complete accord with the laws of nature.