We protect trees like superheroes

This community was declared a Los Angeles Landmark nearly three decades ago for being the ideal postwar utopian village. This historic apartment home community was built in the 1940’s and is located in Sherman Oaks, California. Its park-like paths and shady courtyards were designed to bring postwar neighbors together through a lifestyle garden community. The layout boasts of large nature areas with the buildings arranged around nature, not nature arranged around buildings.


More than 80 years later, their urban forest displays some of the largest species of Aleppo and Stone Pines, some measuring nearly 6 foot in diameter. The value of these long-lived sentinels within this historic community site is beyond measure. Recently the owner was granted approval by the city to renovate this community, including adding amenities, such as a pool, rec center, additional apartment homes and a new underground parking structure. Due to the historicity of the site and trees, Andre arborists were hired to create a protection and preservation plan to safeguard this historic urban forest during construction.

Strategic Plan

Arborists studied the approved construction plans and developed a strategy for preserving most of the trees.  We mapped & identified all trees with GPS software and developed strict construction guidelines for management and construction personnel. Andre determined where trenching would and would not occur and created a map with instructions for contractors working in and around these trees. We installed protective fencing around the perimeter of the root zones and utilized mulch and plywood to avoid compaction of the root zones where equipment would be present. We facilitated a partnership with the Federal Fish and Wildlife, California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Los AngelesCity and County Animal Control Agencies to preserve the local habitat and active bird nesting in the community.


After many years of planning, the construction is now complete and has resulted in much needed additions to the community, but not at the expense of their urban forest and natural habitat thanks to Andre arborists who continue to provide on-going consultation, resulting in the protection and preservation of the valued sentinels within this historic community. POW!