We like a good comeback

Cypress Village is a charming HOA community in Cypress, California approximately 50 years young. Andre has been serving this community for over half its life (26 years). Although the board of directors was very happy with Andre, they decided it was their responsibility to take the landscape contract out to bid to vet current pricing, especially after many years of not doing so.


Long story short, the board was presented with a bid 25% lower than the communities current landscape pricing, and since the potential savings was so great, the board decided to give the vendor a try. Unfortunately, the ecosystem at Cypress Village suffered considerably that next year. Improper pruning practices, struggling turf, and insect infestations plagued the community. Even their iconic, mature Sycamore & Liquidambar trees were under attack by boring insects. The new vendor simply did not have the expertise to deal with these issues. In addition to this, the homeowners were very uneasy with the on-site crew. They stressed residents as they raced around the community, cut the lawn running, and appeared unconscientious handling harmful chemicals.

Strategic Plan

Even after being replaced, Andre continued to check in with Cypress Village, providing advice and answering questions. And after a year, unhappy residents went out to bid again. They wanted Andre back, but also needed it to work within their budget. To offset their monthly fee, we proposed a full-time on-site irrigation technician to avoid going over budget on their irrigation repairs. We also created an assessment and treatment plan to save their mature trees, averting costly removals. Moreover, we proposed a plan to enhance their aging entrances and pool area, which was completed in phases and on budget, revitalizing the community.


CV’s turf has bounced back, both in health and appearance. We use large mow equipment – no running necessary. Their water usage and irrigation budget is back on track too. And Andre arborists were able to save their valuable trees utilizing technology that injects serum into the tree to help it fight off and heal from the invasive Polyphagous Shot Hole Bore pest. CV’s trees have continued to respond positively, improving in health and growth. CV is so happy to have Andre back, and they’re thrilled we’ve been able to turn the landscape around again. Well, you know – we like a good comeback.